Royal Afghani



Lineage: [Black Domina x Afghani] (female) x Grand Daddy Purple (F3 male)

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks indoors, mid-October outdoors

Hybridization Ratio: Mostly Indica

Effect: Relaxing, clear-headed

Smell/Taste: Cantaloupe, mango, skunk, earth, hash, musk

Yield: Above average to high

Environment: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse


Black Domina x Afghani (female)
Our Black Afghani is a short, stocky plant with dense, rock-hard buds that mature relatively quickly. You can finish in as early as 8 weeks although I usually leave her for an extra week or two depending what else is growing in the same space. She has a sickly sweet smell, like an overripe mango or cantaloupe/melon, with undertones of classic Afghani: earthy, spice, incense, hash, musk. As she is a bit leafy, I suggest some moderate defoliation as she starts to mature to allow light penetration to hit the flowers. All in all a very level-headed indica which you can smoke day or night!

GDP (F3 male)
This special male was gifted to JONZ by an old friend, who got the seeds from the original breeder that reworked this line from Ken’s Original GDP. It was difficult to obtain more detailed information but we believe this male to be an F3, or possibly an F4. According to the friend who gifted me this male, the females from this same seed stock made the best purple/grape concentrates he had ever had. This individual was maintained in our library for over two years before we finally got a chance to work with it. He went through a lot over that time and thankfully it wasn’t for nothing, although now he is unfortunately extinct.

A compact and sturdy plant, early to start dropping pollen and a particularly angular spread between the leaf blades. He adds sturdiness, hybrid vigor, indica-dominance, grape flavor, and purple-potential to these already delicious females which adorned our headstash for some time.

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