Grand Cognac



Lineage: Orange Cognac (female) x Grand Daddy Purple (F3 male)

Flowering Time: 8.5-10 weeks indoors, mid to end of October outdoors in northern hemisphere

Hybridization Ratio: Mix of sativa-dominant and indica-dominant phenotypes

Effect: Mentally activating, calming, social

Smell/Taste: Sweet, citrus, zest, bitters, skunk, hops, grapes

Yield: Above average to high

Environment: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse


Orange Cognac (female)
This cut was gifted to us without a name or genetic history. The best we could do was grow it out and compare its characteristics to other plants we have seen and experienced.

She has a very sweet citrus skunk smell with a zesty/bitter edge to it, almost like hops and a bit of alcohol, the smell of the dried flowers is reminiscent of a nice cognac (I trimmed quite a bit before it hit me). The terpene profile doesn’t fully mature until around the 8th week, it smells mostly soft and skunk-y before then. If you can let it go a full 67-70 days for that extra flavor maturity I’d recommend it. Outdoors in the northern hemisphere try to leave it going until the end of October. Combined with a good flush and cure, she is an excellent all-day sativa-leaning headstash, and this is coming from someone who smokes mostly indica strains.

She tends toward a “pole plant” contour and is compact with tight internodal spacing and very dense buds covered in trichomes. A great strain for hash production! The plant is easy to grow and the yield is well above average. If you time it just right with the water (she is often a heavy drinker) and some occasional defoliation, you can get a gram per watt with HPS or even more with the latest LEDs! Please note that she is a bit susceptible to spider mites so keep an eye on that and take preventative measures if necessary.

GDP (F3 male)
This special male was gifted to JONZ by an old friend, who got the seeds from the original breeder that reworked this line from Ken’s Original GDP. It was difficult to obtain more detailed information but we believe this male to be an F3, or possibly an F4. According to the friend who gifted me this male, the females from this same seed stock made the best purple/grape concentrates he had ever had. This individual was maintained in our library for over two years before we finally got a chance to work with it. He went through a lot over that time and thankfully it wasn’t for nothing, although now he is unfortunately extinct.

A compact and sturdy plant, early to start dropping pollen and a particularly angular spread between the leaf blades. He adds sturdiness, hybrid vigor, indica-dominance, grape flavor, and purple-potential to these already delicious females which adorned our headstash for some time.

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Plantplanet – Nordhausen, Germany
1Tonamara – Toronto, Canada
Baba Souvenir Shop – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Seed Center – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Led’s Start – Amsterdam, Netherlands

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