Sole Berry Kush



Lineage: Bruce Banner x Jesus OG, selected then S1’d

Flowering Time: 56-67 days

Hybridization Ratio: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Effect: Initially intense in head and body, followed by a relaxing and functional buzz

Smell/Taste: Tomato fragrance during growth. Smells of fresh sneaker rubber with sweet summer berry kush when smoked

THC%: High

Yield: X-Large. Heavy flowers.

Environment: Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse

Potential uses: Pain management, anxiety, insomnia


A super exclusive!

Sole Berry Kush is a heavy-yielding dense flower with smells of fresh sneaker rubber and sweet summer berry kush. She pounds with a hulking smash, if you have too much then watch out!

Bred by JONZ for flavour, yield, and mad dank.

Lime green in color, tomato fragrance during growth.

Heavy flower tops require support, minimal leaf matter.

Thrives with topping and defoliation.

Where To Buy


Plantplanet – Nordhausen, Germany
1Tonamara – Toronto, Canada
Baba Souvenir Shop – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Seed Center – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Led’s Start – Amsterdam, Netherlands

More coming soon!

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5+1 Feminized Seeds