Purple Dragonfruit



Lineage: Original Purple Dragonfruit (female) x Grand Daddy Purple (F3 male)

Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks indoors, end of October outdoors

Hybridization Ratio: Mix of sativa-dominant and indica-dominant phenotypes

Effect: A strong one that cuts through whatever else you have smoked so far

Smell/Taste: Cherry, blue-raspberry candy, mango, skunky, with a bit of sour white wine, earth, and musk

THC%: High

Yield: Above average to high

Environment: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse


Original Purple Dragonfruit (female)
Originally a cross between the Shoreline clone from Devil’s Harvest and an allegedly high-CBD male, we found this keeper while she was still in veg because her leaves stank so much! By the end of flower she’s the only thing I can smell in the whole room, by far the smelliest plant I have experienced yet. It has been a comparatively hard task to accurately describe the odor, it’s sweet like cherry, blue-raspberry candy, mango, skunky, with a bit of sour white wine, earth, and musk.

A 9-10 week plant indoors, with cold temps she will turn a deep purple color from week 8 onwards. We recommend going 10 weeks for that perfect purple finish and extra rich smell.

Upon testing, the Original Purple Dragonfruit did not have a high level of CBD (<1%) however the THC was above 20%! She has a very high level of b-Myrcene as well. A strong but surprisingly balanced high. In my headstash she operates as the great equalizer: whether I am too high, stoned, awake, or sleepy, she makes me feel better and more evened out to continue my day in peace.

GDP (F3 male)
This special male was gifted to JONZ by an old friend, who got the seeds from the original breeder that reworked this line from Ken’s Original GDP. It was difficult to obtain more detailed information but we believe this male to be an F3, or possibly an F4. According to the friend who gifted me this male, the females from this same seed stock made the best purple/grape concentrates he had ever had. This individual was maintained in our library for over two years before we finally got a chance to work with it. He went through a lot over that time and thankfully it wasn’t for nothing, although now he is unfortunately extinct.

A compact and sturdy plant, early to start dropping pollen and a particularly angular spread between the leaf blades. He adds sturdiness, hybrid vigor, indica-dominance, grape flavor, and purple-potential to these already delicious females which adorned our headstash for some time.

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