Coco Mango



Lineage: [Amnesia x Lemon Haze] x Ruderalis

Flowering Time: 60 days

Hybridization Ratio: 80% Sativa / 20% Ruderalis

Effect: Up up and away. Strong auto sativa

Smell/Taste: Mango, lemon, chocolate

Yield: Very high automatic

Environment: Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse

Potential uses: Mood booster, motivation, energizer

Note: Our automatic wonder! Plant everywhere!


Our flagship Automatic has been tested continuously for over 5 years indoors and outdoors in Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Georgia and many more. Beginning with our full catalog launch in 2022, Coco Mango goes global.

Predictable, 2 phenotypes express themselves as uniquely hazy. One as an Amsterdam classic somewhere between an Amnesia and a Lemon Haze and the other, a truly tropical offspring of the Amsterdam coffeeshop staples. Whether stout Amnesia-like or tropical haze-like, Coco Mango yields a generous amount a scant 8 weeks after the taproot touches down. Coco Mango in outdoor soil can grow to be an unrestricted beast with massive yields as our Canadian and Dutch testers report!

Tight and tall haze colas produce an array of sharp citrus through ripe mango with hints of cocoa and coconut sweetness. The richness of these flavors combined leaves a full-bodied and timeless flavor on the tip of your tongue long after “the cherry” has burned out. All the beauty of the tropics in one plant!

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1Tonamara – Toronto, Canada
Baba Souvenir Shop – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Seed Center – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Positive Grow – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Led’s Start – Amsterdam, Netherlands

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1Tonamara (coming soon!)
Amsterdam Seed Center
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