Solar Freeze



Lineage: Liberty Haze x Solar Warrior, selected by MoonGreens then S1’d

Flowering Time: 56-70 days

Hybridization Ratio: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Effect: Strong, productive, time-space zoom!

Smell/Taste: Complex lemon pomegranate

Yield: Extreme, when trained

Environment: Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse

Potential uses: Mood booster, motivation, energizer

Note: Intense, energizing sativa

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Solar Freeze combines Canadian legacy strain Solar Warrior Early Wonder Skunk male with Soma’s cut of Barney’s Liberty Haze to yield an incredibly powerful sativa-dominant hybrid. Expect more THC, shorter flowering time and a lemon boost compared to its parents. Violet and burgundy sunset hues appear as she flowers out in her last weeks, a wonderful surprise inheritance from the Solar Warrior.

Indoor growers should drop the night temperatures below 17-16 degrees Celsius to bring out the depth of color. Incredibly sticky, she puts on her weight beginning week 5. Look for characteristic dark burgundy petioles for signs of where to defoliate.

This plant loves to be trained and topped. Each new vertical becomes a tree over long summers. Outdoor yields from single plants in 60Lt (15 gallon) pots have been seen above 600 grams. 450 Liter outdoor containers have yielded well over 3kg. Indoors Solar Freeze needs to be trained and kept neat during vegetation to return high numbers.

Solar Freeze’s effects are strong and pain relieving, perfect for migraines, stomach and abdominal pain. When consumed, this plant summons strong psychedelic effects that may have you frozen in time and asking for directions. Sunglasses is a must.

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1Tonamara – Toronto, Canada
Baba Souvenir Shop – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Seed Center – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Positive Grow – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Led’s Start – Amsterdam, Netherlands

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